Well, enough of THAT!

I spent way too many hours yesterday fruitlessly trying to recreate my successful soldering from Saturday’s class – the very large and intricate thing I was working on wound up so ugly I can’t even bear to post a photo. Really bad. I gave up around 9:00 last night, and vowed I’d try again today with a smaller, less ambitious piece. (The rejected piece is hanging on the inspiration board in my studio as a reminder to stay humble.)

So, this morning I’ve checked the news, typed up the minutes for an organization I’m part of, paid a few bills, and eaten an ice cream sandwich with my second cup of coffee. (Don’t judge.) This afternoon will be “Pool School”, where someone will teach me how to take care of our pool rather than pay someone else to do it – hope it’s not too complicated. So, while I have a few hours, I’m heading upstairs – I have an idea for a pair of earrings. Praying it’s not as discouraging an exercise as yesterday was!

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