Valentine’s Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about my folks these days. My mother died very young, and I have now been married longer than she had been married to my father at the time of her death. As I get older, I get more sentimental – and it’s really silly that this particular “holiday” should make me nostalgic, because I honestly believe it’s largely an invention of the greeting card companies.


This is another exercise photo for the Beyond Layers class – the woman in the photo is my father’s aunt, a lovely and elegant woman who lived well into her 90’s; the pendant was a gift from my father to my mother for one of their anniversaries. My mother particularly loved this piece because the reverse, which is beautifully chased, is set with a small and very beautiful heart-shaped opal – a secret, flashing stone that only the wearer ever sees. I love that I wound up with both of these beautiful things.



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