The Big News!

The big news is not that I have a terrible cold and a sore throat and stayed in bed all morning. Although that’s all true. Thankfully, Nick made a huge pot of his awesome vegetable soup yesterday and a nice steaming bowl of it really helped me to feel more human.

No, the big news is this: in addition to writing about my life here on my personal blog, I’m now also going to be a regular contributor in two other – very exciting – places.

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The first is a great blog for artists called Art Jewelry Elements. I’ll be one of 11 contributors writing about anything and everything related to making and selling art jewelry. The other contributors are all jewelry artists in varied disciplines – metal, glass, PMC, beads, ceramics, and more. The blog was started by Jennifer Cameron, a terrific glass bead artist, and her vision was to create a “collaborative blog written for jewelry designers using handmade and high quality components in their art jewelry.” (There’s also a Facebook page where folks can further interact with the AJE artists.) My first article will go up on October 9 – you can click the AJE button over there on my sidebar to get to the site. I am so excited to be a part of it all!

The second is a brand new community site being developed by Melinda Orr and the leaders of the Creative Bead Chat community on Facebook (nearly 1200 of them!). It’s going to be called Artisan Whimsey and will start as a members-only community where jewelry artists in various disciplines can share ideas, ask questions, exchange techniques and learning opportunities, and create common resources for everything from suppliers to shows. Eventually, we hope to have a gateway blog where non-jewelers can read more about what our members are working on and how to see and buy their beautiful pieces. But for now, we’re focused on getting the community site up and running, which is a huge undertaking – Melinda has gotten a great group of leaders together and they’re all working really hard in advance of our “go-live” date. I’m going to be coordinating the contributions of a group of really talented metal artists, and as a team we’ll be providing site content every week. The site has the potential to become a tremendous resource for working jewelry artists in a variety of disciplines and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.

So that’s my big news – since leaving my job in May, I have been blessed to meet and engage with some really wonderful artists who have been a huge encouragement to me. The generosity and influence of other artists just blows me away! I’m thrilled to start working with some of them on these projects, and am looking forward to everything I’ll undoubtedly learn as a result of them. Look for more information here as things develop!

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