So, I’ve mentioned that this website is getting an overhaul. We’re not far from the launch, in fact – and a HUGE thank you to Brandi over at BrandiGirlBlog for her hard work on a new logo and “feel” for what goes on over here.

Among other things, I needed some new photos of myself, both for the site and for a press kit. Since I’m usually the one behind the camera,  my dear friend Breanna Powers of Powerhouse Studios is coming by this morning to take some headshots of me in my studio, and I am both excited and terrified.

How we all want our headshots to look:

Melanie (2)
How I’m afraid mine will look:

Old woman reading
This, of course, has nothing to do with Bre’s stellar photo skills – because she totally rocks, as you can see from her site – and everything to do with her subject matter. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go spackle my face.

(Photos from Flickr – thanks to Elizabeth Anne Photography and quinn.anya for allowing the use of these photos under the Creative Commons License!)


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