Sunshine and coffee

We had the most spectacular thunderstorm last night, which brought with it much-needed rain for the second time in three days. After 11 months with no rain to speak of, this was very welcome – although it made the animals unhappy.

My best friend’s yellow lab mix, Sarge, very prudently hid in the bathtub during the storm. Turns out his cat brother Sammy was also hiding in there with him, but we don’t have a good shot of that!

So everything today seems a little brighter and less dusty, and the sky is that brilliant, hard blue that you only get after a really hard rain. It’ll be in the 90’s today, which still feels cool compared to 104 – every summer I think about the intrepid souls who lived and worked and raised families here before there was electricity and air conditioning, and I marvel at their hardiness. Oppressive heat seems harder to cope with than extreme cold – but maybe it’s just because I don’t live in upstate New York anymore.

Seems like my camera is working again this morning – thank you, God! I probably need to take it in to be checked out, but thankfully it doesn’t look like I will need to do that on an urgent basis. If worst comes to worst, I have a little point & shoot I can use, but the picture quality isn’t as good. (“Quality” being a relative term, given that I am not a good photographer to begin with.) I’ve got some administrative cleanup to do (e-mails, etc.) then I’m spending the day in the studio with my best friend Kimmy, who’s coming over to play in the beads. In the meantime, a little more coffee and an attempt to organize some photos – I never came up with a good system for digital photographs, and I’m paying for it now. Do you have one you would recommend?

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  1. Kimmy
    Kimmy says:

    No one can say that animals are not smart. The tub in the center room of the house is the safest place to be, in a strom. I was waiting to see if Sargie was going to take a matress in there to put over him in the tub. Too funny!
    Yes, it was funny playing in the beads. We have to do that again, real soon.


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