Studio time, all the time

I‘m in the final push for the 2012 Rusted Gingham Barn Sale, which starts one month from today. Holy cats! So I’m working on new designs, I have some new glass cabs in the kiln, and today I played around with some chain fabrication.

Francesca Watson Designs

22 gauge wire, soldered into rings then stretched into hourglass shapes and linked together – I burned up more than a few of them in the process. 22 ga is smaller than the gauge I use for earwires! But I wanted to experiment with the smaller gauge because I’m looking for a sturdy chain style I can fabricate consistently but which is relatively delicate – it’s all part of my quest to use hand-fabricated components as much as possible.

I also took a metal etching class over the weekend with the always wonderful Gail Stouffer – but in all honesty, I have never had a bad experience taking a class with Gail. She also attracts some of the most interesting and talented artists working today – I’ll be taking two classes with Thomas Mann at her studio in just a couple of weeks, for example, an amazing opportunity. So if you are ever in San Antonio and have the opportunity, I highly recommend checking out her metal and glass studio, Wired Designs – I promise you, you won’t be sorry. (I’ll be writing about my etching class and my thoughts about it as a studio technique for my inaugural post over at Art Jewelry Elements next week – check it out on Tuesday!)

So… progress. Fun. Life is good – really busy, but very, very good. How are things with you?

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