So what are YOU doing this weekend?

I’m going to be in Gonzales, Texas at my very first show featuring my own jewelry.

I’m a little nervous.

Francesca Watson Designs at the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale

 Francesca Watson Designs at the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale 2012

This is the big show I’ve been working on for months – I feel like I am not even remotely close to being ready. I sort of have an idea how the display will look – but honestly I really feel like I need to continue to be in the studio. There are still several things in my head to make, and I’m wondering where the heck the summer went. Summer?? The whole year. Thanksgiving is around the corner. Unreal.

So, I feel like a broken record but… studio, studio, studio. And gather all my exhibit things together. And test my credit card reader. And… and… and…

Lots to do.

And if you happen to be in Gonzales next weekend, stop by my booth and say hey. My friend Kimmy is going with me (Nick is staying home to take care of the animals) and we’d love to meet you!

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