So glad it’s a studio day!

This is what my hall bathroom looks like right now:

Hall Bath Demo

Enter at your own risk!

Nick and I did a lot of the demo ourselves, much to our astonishment. We are not DIYers at all, but we had to be willing to take up some tools this time around in order to be able to afford to get all the work done before listing the house. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard at all and we have found ourselves wondering why on earth it had seemed so intimidating to us. I’m looking forward to “helping” the guy who is laying the tile, because I really want to see how it’s done – since starting the home-sale process, I’ve become more than a little addicted to DIY blogs (hello, Apartment Therapy and Miss Mustard Seed, I’m looking at you!) and I have it in my head that when we buy our next house, I want to do some remodeling work on my own.

Crazy, I know.

I spent part of yesterday at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore downtown, because I’d read on … hmmmm…. one of the DIY blogs I read regularly (I’m looking at you Pretty Handy Girl, I Heart Organizing, and East Coast Creative!) about how they had gotten a perfectly good toilet at their local Habitat Home Store for just $11.

I did not come home with a toilet. I almost came home with this, though.

Stainless Steel Sink at ReStore San Antonio

Do you hear that? It was calling me!

But then I remembered that I don’t actually have a new house that needs remodeling or a new kitchen sink yet, so I left it there, even though it was only $10. (I KNOW!) I will be going back to pick up some drawer and door pulls that are less than half the cost of similar pulls at Lowe’s – I need to replace the ones in the hall bath, and when I did the math, buying them at the ReStore will save me over $40. Worth the trip, even though it’s 25 minutes away.

So this week has been about working on projects, getting ready for Easter, and meeting with some of the volunteers from church to talk about vision and mission and next steps. Life is really, really full and I get up every day full of gratitude for the things I get to set my hand to. And Nick is feeling much, much better, which is a relief and a blessing. He’s practically back to his old self.

And I crossed over the 20 pound mark in weight loss. Woot!

Today is dedicated to studio time, and I am so ready for it. I have a big and exciting project that I’ll be able to share with you soon (I hope!) and two blog party pieces to work on – Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month and the Bead Soup Blog Party – so it will be a full studio day too. The first reveal for the Bead Soup Blog Party will be this weekend, so be sure to check back for info on how you can join in. I’ve taken down all the items in my shop as I prepare to do a shop revamp – I have some new designs and some new components planned, so it’s all going to look different.

Whew! So what are you up to??

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  1. Andrew Thornton
    Andrew Thornton says:

    Good luck with the rest of the renovations! We watch the home improvement shows all the time and are constantly dreaming up our next projects.


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