Small fly in the ointment…

It’s been a good weekend, generally speaking – I did get some of that sleep I was aching for, and I had a rockin’ awesome time in the studio yesterday making components (ear wires, headpin, and the like). This morning’s service and sermon were excellent, I had a little nap and some yummy food… and then my camera stopped working. Grrrr. I am just hitting my stride in terms of productivity – it takes a while to get back in the swing when I’m working so many hours outside the studio – so not having the camera is really bugging me. I tend to photograph the whole process of a piece – it helps me learn (both about the technical details of the work and about photographic techniques) and it captures intimately the pieces that will someday belong to someone else, so that I can bear to let them go.

I downloaded new firmware for the camera per the manufacturer’s website and now the poor thing is sitting battery-less on the counter. Theoretically, this causes a complete reset which should solve the problem – a problem described in detail by other users, so I know it’s not just me. I almost don’t want to try it again, because I don’t want to go to sleep knowing that part of my precious studio/vacation time will be taken up with a trip to the camera shop. (I know, that sounds really petty and spoiled. Sorry.)

So, I’m praying and trying not to freak out about the camera on the week that I’m trying to get my Etsy shop launched. The camera can either be fixed or it can’t; I’ll either have it to work with this week or I won’t; no amount of fretting tonight is going to change the outcome, so I just need to stop. And two good friends saw my whiny Twitter post earlier and offered to loan me their own cameras, so it’s not like I won’t have options.

Here’s praying the camera is easily and completely fixed. (Please?)

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