Sawin’ where I’m at

Having a couple of those immensely frustrating studio days, where projects are fighting back and I’m having to work double-hard to get things finished. Example: last night at 12:30 I accidentally contaminated my pickle – with a pickle pot full of special order pieces I wanted to ship today. I spent an hour cleaning everything up and put the pieces in the tumbler overnight, and was relieved that they looked so good when I pulled them out this morning. Pulled out a new honeycomb block to solder on the bezel cups (since I’m working with really thick stock)… and it worked so well that the bezel cups went on without a hitch, but it heated up the whole piece so quickly that the fastener fell off on two of them. D’oh!

So everything is reattached and soaking in a brand new batch of pickle, and I decided to see if Thomas Mann is right and sawing is a meditative activity that can take you out of yourself when you’re in a mood.

Sawin' Where You're At

Etched brass sand dollar, freshly sawn from its frame.

The answer is “yes.”

And I’ve gotten much better at it since last fall.

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