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Metal Work Pieces by Francesca Watson Designs

  1. I’ve spent most of the last two days in the studio (including nearly 11 hours yesterday alone) and I am exhausted. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot, but I missed my nap both Monday and Tuesday, and didn’t wake up this morning until 10:45!! The photos above are some of the practice pieces I’ve been working on – I won’t wind up putting any of them in the shop because they all have problems, but as practice pieces go I am very happy with them.
  2. I heard a sermon on Sunday that completely altered (in a good way) the way I look at some of the controversial topics facing Christian believers today. Nick and I have been on-again, off-again participants in a Constitutional studies group this year, and it’s been eye-opening. It’s also caused me to wrestle with a lot of what I see in myself and in my community, and how best to address it. The twin issues of sin and morality are touchy subjects, and I’ve been grateful for a shift in perspective that helps me to think about them in more productive and less angry ways.
  3. In a related note, I’m concerned about the integrity of our country – specifically, it’s adherence (or lack thereof) to its founding principles. I’m a registered independent for a reason – I think both parties are a mess, and I think both parties have had a huge hand in the gradual dismantling of a system that was intended from the beginning to protect individual liberty from too-large governments and the people who would seek to wield unfettered power. We now have a firmly entrenched fourth branch of government – the Administrative branch – that has no constitutional mandate and no checks and balances. As demonstrated by the recent Supreme Court opinion in Sackett v. EPA, there are departments within the Executive Branch of government – which is constitutionally charged with carrying out laws as enacted by Congress – which write administrative rules that wind up having the effect of law without legislative action. I think it’s troubling. And since the aim of the modern progressive movement has its roots in the Progressive Era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, I think it’s fair to say that like their predecessors, modern progressives are eager to do away with “old fashioned” governance in favor of a nanny state (e.g., Obama’s “Life of Julia”). This is a problem that is not exclusively owned by the Democratic party – Republicans have had their hands wrist deep in the same sort of stuff. I’m a supporter of personal responsibility, small government, and capitalism with a minimum of regulation and government interference – and I don’t think either candidate in this year’s Presidential election is a good choice for me or others like me.
  4. Note to people (especially elected officials at all levels of government) who insist on referring to America as a democracy: We are not a democracy. We are a republic. There is a difference.
  5. I am nearly out of my homemade lemoncello – we’ve had several guests recently, so we’ve been sharing it. I will need to make another (larger) batch very soon! I found the cutest bottles on sale at Sur la Table for only $4.50 each – I bought four.
  6. It was my first time at Sur la Table. OMG. I need to make sure I leave all my money at home the next time I go – because that’s a store where I could get into a LOT of trouble.
  7. I’m looking for a good, reputable supplier of reasonably prices solid copper and brass chains – suggestions? (And note: I know quality comes at a price, so “reasonable” doesn’t mean “cheap.”)
  8. I have a very ambitious idea for a necklace involving panels, rivets, and three of the most beautiful Red Creek Jasper squares in my “stash.” Everything is laid out on my workbench so I can keep considering whether I’m really ready to do it or not. It makes my heart beat a little faster with anxiety just thinking about it.
  9. I have a friend named Natalie who painted her kitchen baseboards this morning while her three (very small) children were in the house with her – and they turned out great. In my world, I would attempt to paint the baseboards and would either (a) mess them up so badly I would be forced to pay someone to come fix them for me, or (b) get halfway finished and lose interest.
  10. I was given an opportunity by a friend to pursue a new kind of free-lance work for a local company – and I was hesitant to step into it, because although there were parts of it that were right up my alley, doing the other parts well would require a lot homework on my part in an area that doesn’t really interest me. I was honest with my friend about all this – and a little worried about how she would take it. (She took it really well!) In the end, it’s important for me to remember that my time and energy are finite resources, especially as I am adjusting to new physical limitations, so I have to stay very intentional (and unapologetic) about the things I agree to do.
  11. My house is a mess and I really should clean it (or at least empty and reload the dishwasher) but I’ve been up since 10:45 this morning and I need a nap. The end.


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