I don’t often write about politics here, and that’s an intentional choice. Apart from the fact that it makes my blood pressure go up, my political views are deeply rooted in my experiences as a military wife, a person of faith, and nearly a decade of combined experience working with and for people integrally involved in domestic and foreign policy matters at very high levels. This makes me not only opinionated, but passionately so.

Sometimes, though, there’s something that just begs to be addressed and today is one of those times. If you’ve read this blog or followed me on Facebook for any length of time, you know that my dear husband is an Army and Marine Corps veteran. His service included time in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Purple Heart and three Bronze Stars, one for valor. He is a man of extraordinary honor and commitment to the defense of this country, a patriot in every sense of the word who has quite literally given the best of himself to her service.

Recently, we went to the VA to get his disability status reviewed. And by “recently” I mean nearly three years ago. It took more than two years – TWO YEARS – and the intervention of Senator John Cornyn to get a decision from them. Two years, countless phone calls, doctor’s visits, authorization forms… it was ridiculous. And that we ultimately had to get our senator to pressure them for information and a decision speaks volumes about the state of our government.

What also speaks volumes is the current outrage being uncovered at the IRS. “Corruption” doesn’t even come close to describing what’s coming to light. Let me be really, really clear: this isn’t a left or right issue. This is an AMERICAN issue. This isn’t about which party can do it better or did it first or tried to undo it or warned us not to do it. I am sick to death of the finger pointing and blaming and buck passing. Our government is bloated, inefficient, corrupt, and completely out of control, dangerously so, and we absolutely, positively MUST take steps to correct it. That starts with taking responsibility for ourselves – be responsible for seeking out and knowing the truth. Know who you’re voting for. Know why you support what you support. Know what your elected officials are doing, and saying, and supporting. Dog them ruthlessly if they aren’t doing what you elected them to do. And demand that they take action to reign in the bureaucracy that is threatening to overwhelm us.

I don’t know much about Rep. Tammy Duckworth or her political views. Her politics don’t matter to me one iota this morning. Take the time to watch this video, please. Watch her speak truth to the outrage that is our current veteran’s benefits system. Watch her speak truth to the corruption that is the IRS. Watch her speak on behalf of the thousands of veterans who have faithfully served this country when called and are still waiting to be adequately taken care of in return. And then let me ask you: Are you outraged yet? Because if you’re not, you aren’t paying attention.


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