On the 1st day of Christmas…

Our Christmas was very, very quiet this year – our sweet daughter is in Virginia and won’t arrive home until Friday, and since we’ve taken a step back from several areas of ministry at church, we attended one Christmas Eve service instead of serving at four (or five). We didn’t buy much “stuff” this year – Nick wants massages for his legs and I want to invest in equipment and business stuff for my studio, so we just set some funds aside and didn’t put anything under the tree. In fact, we didn’t even put up a tree. Instead, we spent a couple of days sleeping late, eating what we wanted, watching “Sherlock” on Netflix and – yesterday – spending the day with dear friends and going to see “Les Miserables” (I’ll post a review later in the week). It was very low key, low stress, and perfect – I really think this season is meant to be about reflection and gratitude, and I was genuinely happy to spend some extended time with my sweet husband just being still. It was good. It was very, very good.

But yesterday was also the first of 12 Days of Handmade Christmas, which meant that I got to open the first of a pile of gifts I received from fellow jewelry artists around the country. We all sent one another hand-made components, and then had to stare at them for several weeks all the while resisting the urge to tear into the packaging and see what we’d been sent. (And speaking of packaging, I clearly have some work to do on mine – wow. These ladies are really creative.)

So the 1st Day of Handmade Christmas, I got to open this beautiful… ok, wait. Who am I kidding? I completely misunderstood the instructions, and opened all the gifts at once. I am really bad at this. I thought I was supposed to open them all and then chronicle them, one per day for 12 days. (Lorelei, I promise I will do better at this if you pick me again next year!!) So, you won’t get to see the lovely packaging, because… well, I opened it all. I can probably recreate some of it but…

Did I mention that I am really, really bad at this?

So, play along with me and except for the fact that you only get to see photos of the lovely packaging I can salvage, we’ll all just pretend that I opened each gift moments before posting each blog post, OK?

So, the 1st Day of Handmade Christmas I opened a lovely card with my initial on it from Lorelei Eurto – it was sealed with very pretty washi tape, which I never “got” before, thinking that it was all about scrapbooking and stuff which is totally not my thing.

Love the washi tape!

Love the washi tape!

But this is really very pretty, and easy to open, and I suddenly began to see all sorts of possible uses for it, including in my own jewelry packaging (which clearly needs some work). Lorelei made some plain card stock really special just by adding the tape.

Inside were these wonderful tin snippet bead caps:

This tag is so clever!

This tag is so clever!

I actually said “ooooh!” out loud when I saw them – they are such fun colors and the perfect size to add a little pop to plain bead rounds. There were a lot of them on the strand, too – and how fun is that big retro card/tag they’re strung on?

These colors are so retro and fun.

These colors are so retro and fun.

I’m excited to see where I can start using these – I love how colorful they are and their very vintage feel.

Check back over the next 11 days to see what other amazing handmade things these ladies shared with me – and check out their blogs as they chronicle the things that popped through their letterboxes!

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  1. Lorelei
    Lorelei says:

    Ha!! no problem!! you can still chronicle each gift on the blog if you want. No worries!!! Trust me, i’ve been wanting to rip all my gifts open at once too! Since they started coming in! Thanks for playing along with us on this swap! Enjoy the caps!


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