Oh the color!

One of the most exciting (and challenging) things for me as a relatively new artist has been color theory. I know when a color palette comes together, but I don’t always know why. One of my favorite resources for learning more about color and and color theory has been the very awesome Brandi Girl Blog written by Brandi Hussey (who also happens to be the superwoman who helped me redesign my site and logo last year – love her!). She recently launched a new collaborative site called Oh the Color! which curates color (love that concept) and offers up daily color palettes. If you don’t already know about it, you should totally add it to your list of regular stops along the information highway.

If color theory interests you, definitely start with Brandi’s excellent series “Why Color Schemes Work.” (This link goes to the first in a series – you’ll find links to subsequent posts included.) But Brandi has also written a new book, “Understanding Color”, which goes even deeper – and I preordered it immediately when her announcement went out. That meant I got a digital copy of the book right away, and let me tell you: awesome stuff.

One of the reasons Brandi is so effective in communication about color for artists is that for many years, she was a jewelry artist herself. In fact, her work was featured in Lori Anderson’s “Bead Soup” book and she is the person behind Lori’s recently refreshed website banner. For years, she hosted the annual Color Palette Blog Walk (I was a participant last year – so much fun!) and has recently turned her attention to graphic design full time, including offering terrific e-courses in photography and more to come.

I’m telling you all this not only because Brandi is awesome but because pre-orders for her new book end tomorrow night. More info here about the book, what you get for pre-ordering, and a whole lot more. She’s also hosting a color challenge in honor of the book launch: pick one of the palettes she posted and create a piece of art using those colors as inspiration. I am totally in – wanna join me?? Here’s the palette I picked:

So… happy Thursday, y’all! And happy coloring!

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  1. diane
    diane says:

    LOL – I have a quilt started in these colors, though the “pop” color is a red-violet instead of a straight red. This is actually the palette I’d choose as well, if I were crazy enough to think I could put anything together by 7/10…

  2. Emma Todd
    Emma Todd says:

    Thank you for sharing! Her posts don’t seem to be in my feed as they should, but hopefully I’ve corrected that now. I like the palette you chose but #2 totally caught my eye. I bought some size 15 seed beads in a mix of purpley-pinks that might be a fun jumping point to join in. We shall see.

    Just caught sight of your 22lbs loss that is so awesome!! Double high-fives!

  3. sandi m
    sandi m says:

    Totally second your review, Francesca.
    I ordered my copy on the pre-order, too. It is beautiful and can’t wait to hold the palettes in my hands . Brandi does a stellar job explaining the concepts. This definitely should be included in every designer’s library.
    Love the palette you selected, too!


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