No Spring Chicken

It’s funny, but I don’t think of myself as middle-aged. Inside, I still feel 21 or 22 – or even, sometimes, like that awkward and gawky and desperately self-conscious high schooler I used to be. But the truth is that I am stepping out into my 50’s and this week I managed to prove to myself that I am no spring chicken.

There are several young moms in our church family that I just adore – and admire. They range in age from early 20’s to mid 30’s, which means that almost all of them are really and truly young enough to be my daughters, and I have loved getting to know them. I decided to have a Moms and Tots pool party for them on Monday, sort of a “school is almost getting ready to start” last hurrah, and the idea was that I would play surrogate grandma to the kids while the moms visited and took it a little easy.

I was sorry that not all the moms on my list were able to make it, but we still had nine kids in the pool and digging into the Icee pops and juice boxes we stocked for them in the cooler.

Francesca Watson Designs

And I have to say that it made my heart really, really glad to hear their squeals and laughter, and even gladder when they shouted, “Miss Francesca, look what I can do!” For the last hour or so, I floated in the deep end and encouraged the bravest ones as they conquered their fear of the diving board, catching the littler ones and cheering as they took the leap, lifting them up over the side for another try, and taking real delight when they insisted that I be the one to stand by to rescue them if anything went wrong. Of course, it never occurred to me that tending to so many little ones in such physical ways is something I haven’t done in years and years and years, and given my current physical limitations, I suppose I should have thought that through a little more. But I didn’t and they leapt over and over into my arms without fear or self-consciousness and I just loved every single minute of it.

And yesterday I could hardly move. Like, literally. I groaned my way out of bed, sucked down a few Aleve, and planted my bottom in Nick’s man room with some beading and the TV and did not move. I napped, and beaded, and napped, and took more Aleve, and grit (gritted?) my teeth every time I had to get up for any reason. And even though I got a full night’s sleep on Monday night and slept for at least four additional hours yesterday, I still slept for 10 hours last night. I am telling you, my admiration for these moms is through the roof – I have no idea how they manage. And although I am still physically tired today, my heart is completely full – it was just such a treat to spend time with these wonderful women and their adorable kids! (Special thanks to my sweet Nick, who cleaned the back yard and made sure the pool was ready for all those little hands and feet. How would I ever manage without him??!)

In studio news, I’ve been stocking up on some new beads for beady projects, and working on some pieces based on Kate McKinnon and Jean Power‘s upcoming book, “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” which are completely outside my normal creative endeavors. Here’s the horned cuff I worked on over the weekend.

Horned-Cuff by Francesca Watson Designs
The whole point of that project was learning how to do the increases and decreases necessary to make those little horns – hard for me because it was the first time I’d done it, but now that I have and my hands understand what’s required, I’m working through a second one that’s going much more quickly.

And here are some gorgeous beads I got from Jackson River Glass for more fibula pins, as I’m stocking up for the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale in November.

Jackson River Glass Beads
I also splurged on a set of truly stunning beads from Mindy MacGregor – there just are not words to express how wonderful these are, and while I’m not yet sure exactly what I’m going to do with them, I can promise that at least one of them will stay in my own permanent collection.

Mindy MacGregor Beads
And finally, the photo shoot on Friday was a ton of fun – Bre and her daughter Abby made me feel very comfortable, and I should have photos to share really soon, including some of the studio re-do. (So excited to share with you – it turned out GREAT!)

So how was your weekend??


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  1. Gina
    Gina says:

    I love that horned cuff! I can think of a few peeps in my circle that would sport something like that! haha!
    I hope you feel better amiga!


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