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It’s my day to post over at the Art Jewelry Elements blog, and I’m sharing my thoughts on a relatively new tool to my bench, the Mighty Punch.

I’ll give you a hint: I like it!

I also went out and splurged on two new bibles yesterday.

These are two translations I didn’t have yet – the English Standard Version is intended for an inductive bible study I’m starting with a friend this week (Kay Arthur’s “Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days”) and the Voice is just because I have heard such good things about it.

There’s something really exciting to me about the pages of a brand new bible. My older bibles are all marked up – I underline and date things as I read them and they speak to me, and the books become a journal or a map of my walk with God. The bible I use most often these days is one I found on a bargain table about 10 years ago, a New Revised Standard translation that quickly became my favorite. It’s a beautiful blend of the elegance and poetic style of the old languages and the added clarity of modern language. Friends who’ve made the switch to the ESV have been raving about it for many of the same reasons, so I’m looking forward to the experience.

(And for those that are curious, I’m not planning to do anything so out of character for me that I need a waterproof bible! I am an avid reader, and how print looks on the page is something that has a profound impact on the reading experience for me. Of all the ESV translations I looked at, the waterproof version had ultra-white paper with crisp, clean print and enough line and margin space that I will have enough room to underline and circle things and jot little notes along the edge. The fact that it’s waterproof was incidental.)

How’s your week going?

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