New bead mixes!

In March, I went to Fort Worth with my best friend Kimmy to visit a warehouse filled with vintage glass beads. It was pretty amazing – and more than a little overwhelming.

Bead Mixes - Aisles - Francesca Watson Designs

This is just one end of a single aisle, and there were 12 more like it, shelves filled to overflowing and stuff in boxes stacked in the walkways.

Kimmy wore a respirator.

Bead Mixes - Kimmy - Francesca Watson Designs

And over a period of 10 hours, we covered a table with bins full of loot.

Bead Mixes - Table - Francesca Watson Designs

Bead Mixes - Table - Francesca Watson Designs

It literally took us weeks to inventory everything we brought back and then craft the custom bead mixes we’d envisioned. Each one is inspired by one of Pantone’s colors for 2013, and the colors have been carefully matched to Pantone’s color swatches so the beads will coordinate with home and clothing fashions using those colors.

I’m very interested in feedback – want to check them out and let me know what you think? Head on over to my new shop on – here are a few links to get you started.

Pantone Tender Shoots - Limited Edition Bead Mix

Pantone Nectarine - Limited Edition Bead Mix

Pantone Monaco Blue - Limited Edition Bead Mix

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  1. Michelle Buettner
    Michelle Buettner says:

    Oh – very cool colors in your bead mixes! I can understand why you were overwhelmed – wow!! And she was smart to wear a respirator – being in the IAQ Industry, I can imagine that there was probably a bunch of dust and other things floating around in/on those beads/boxes and you don’t want icky stuff like that anywhere near your lungs!! 🙂


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