Mondays are different now…

There was a time in my professional life when I dreaded Mondays. But Mondays are different now.

Even when I’m working on tasks I don’t particularly enjoy – paying bills, prepping and analyzing financial reports, working through an administrative to-do list – I am here in the this place that I love. Those sparkle lights make me absurdly happy, and the prints were a birthday gift from my husband and daughter a number of years ago. I think of them both whenever I look at these.

This view is filled with small things that resonate – a sand dollar I retrieved from a beach I loved as a child, a gift from a friend, a brass vase that sat on my mother’s vanity for all of my growing up. Beyond them are the tops of Texas oaks and a brilliant blue sky – I love that view even when the weather is bad. I am learning to curate my life more carefully  than I did when I was younger.

And Mondays are different now.

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