Metal Retreat!

Does a week in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with a bunch of other creatives sound like a great time?

Metal Retreat-1

Metal Retreat-2

We had so much fun last year – oh my gosh. We laughed and made things and ate great food and drank wine and shared our favorite techniques and helped one another grow. It was absolutely amazing. I made friends there who will be friends for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, two of those friends couldn’t make space on their calendars to join us again this year. That is sad news for us, but great news for you because it means there are two spots available in the bunk room if you’d like to join us. It’s an unstructured week where you can dig in and learn from fellow artists – and share what you know, too. Bring your own tools and materials and plan to have fun in a relaxed, cooperative atmosphere with a terrific group of ladies. This year, we know we’ll be playing with torch fired enamels, etching, leather, copper clay, basic metal skills, the hydraulic press, and stone setting. Sound like fun? Read more and register here! 

Metal Retreat-14

Metal Retreat-13

Metal Retreat-12

Metal Retreat-11

Metal Retreat-10

Metal Retreat-9

Metal Retreat-7

Metal Retreat-6

Metal Retreat-5

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  1. Diane
    Diane says:

    I envy your retreat. I’d come anyway, just to encourage and watch, but a fiber artist at a retreat centered around heating metals to melting points might just be a recipe for disaster.

    Seeing this post did, however, spur me on to find a few quilt classes in the area. The half day, spur of the moment class this Saturday is about translating zentangle drawings into quilt motifs. At the end of October it’s two days on advanced machine quilting, with a teacher whose style is different than mine. Time to stretch a bit. I need to find a guild.


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