March COM Reveal!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to participate in one of Art Jewelry Elements’ monthly component feature – life has just been too busy. But when I saw Caroline Dewison’s gorgeous moth focal, I decided I needed to make time for this one.

 When she introduced this focal to the AJE team, we were offered the opportunity to make a color choice. I opted to be surprised, and I was just delighted with this gorgeous soft silvery grey. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.


I am very fond of those tornado links and I use them a lot. They seemed particularly appropriate for this piece, since they reminded me of cocoons, and I wired in some very small peach coral beads for just a touch of color and to evoke the idea of seeds. Something about cocoons and seeds and spring just seemed right for this focal.

I finished it off with two short lengths of sterling silver chain and a simple hook clasp. The colors are perfect for the outfit I’m planning to wear to a friend’s wedding on Friday, so it’s entirely possible I’ll be keeping this one for myself… at least for a while.

Thanks for such a gorgeous focal, Caroline! To see what everyone else did with this beauty, head on over to the AJE blog for the links.

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