Life Changing

I haven’t meant to be silent, but there’s been a lot going on.

  • Our house is – finally – on the market. I have loved this house, and hated this house, and cried in this house, and birthed dreams in this house. Saying good-bye – preparing myself to say good-bye – has been wrenching and exhilarating, all at once.
  • I had check-ups with my doctors a month ago and one of them was so mad at me she threw a pen down on the desk. The other one had just returned from a conference about the connection between modern foods and inflammatory syndromes. Long story short, I committed to doing away with corn, wheat and dairy and to making a change to organic foods. I’ve learned a few things:
    • Grass-fed beef is a whole different food group and an organic, grass fed rib-eye is my new love language.
    • Dairy really jacks with me, as much as I love it.
    • I’ve lost almost 15 pounds in one month, and I have not felt deprived for one second.
    • Corn chips and bread (carbs) are addictive. As in, “step away from the crack.” I need to treat them that way.
  • We just finalized the summer and fall schedule for Roadhouse Arts, and I intentionally scheduled in some stretches of time to just… make. Make things.
  • I completed a significant reorganization of my working space at Roadhouse – after working there for six months, the things that weren’t working became really clear. Read about the results over on the AJE blog.
  • I will be part of my friend Gail Stouffer’s master’s capstone project: a curated show about women’s issues opening June 13th at the Highwire Gallery in San Antonio. I was hugely honored to be invited to participate – and a little stunned that neither of the two pieces I came up with involved jewelry.


You Cant Go Home Again

  • I have fallen in love with mixed media work and part of my studio rework was intended to ensure that I had some space to explore it.
  • While I am in the throes of saying good-bye to this house I have loved, I am (obsessively) stalking the houses in the area where we hope to move. Ask me what’s for sale there… I can tell you. Even if it’s entirely unsuitable and out of our price range. I guarantee I’ve been watching it and have driven by it at least once.
  • Life is changing. Again.
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    • Francesca
      Francesca says:

      LOL! Thank you, Seth – and yes, I’m falling hard for mixed media. Have been loving your process posts over on your blog. Can’t wait for you to be here next year!!

  1. Michelle Buettner
    Michelle Buettner says:

    The only constant is change, right?! 🙂 Congrats on the weight loss and healthier eating,…I so wish I had control over the ‘crack’ that you mentioned! LOL!! And although moving can be sad, it is fun finding a ‘new’ place, isn’t it? Best of luck to you and the hubby on that adventure!


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