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… to say OMG.

I’m in the final push for the upcoming Rusted Gingham Barn Sale, which starts next week. And every time I say that, I feel a little panicky! Lots and lots and lots of stuff on my workbench to finish up in preparation so my days are fully booked between now and November 2 with studio time, all the time.

I did find time to teach my first class for Wired Designs on Saturday – it was a beginning soldering class, and the students were extremely creative and a lot of fun to work with. I have some photos which I’ll have to edit and post later, but I was blown away by how quickly they caught on and how far they pushed the envelope for their first class. It was terrific!

Nick and I followed that up with some kind of a bug that left us both laid out all day Sunday – we even missed church, and I was supposed to sing! That never happens, but we were both feeling pretty miserable. Achy, headaches – and I had a raging sore throat, no voice, and what felt like a low-grade fever. No fun, but thankfully it passed quickly. I’m wrestling with some lingering symptoms that I think are related to the start of cedar season – I never had a problem with allergies until we moved to Texas, and now there’s a four or five month period while the cedar pollen is in the air that I am pretty miserable.

Then yesterday, I spent most of the day with Gail in her home studio – she worked her way through the Thomas Mann project from his class ten days ago, and when we were done with that, she introduced me to torch-firing enamels. I am very sorry to say that I have found a new obsession, because HELLO COLOR! Seriously. I was completely energized by the possibilities, and promptly went over to Amazon to add a few books to my wish list. Once this show is over, I’ll be stocking up on some enamels and doing some experimenting – I can already see enormous potential with some of the fold-forming I’ve been doing, and can’t wait to try it out.

But first: The show. Time for the studio. I’ll try to update again soon!

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    • Francesca
      Francesca says:

      Yeah, it was no fun. We retreated to the Man Room and did our best not to move or irritate one another any more than absolutely necessary. Nick is a trouper, and manages to take care of me even when he’s feeling poorly. I’m just a miserable, selfish baby.


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