I’ve got a fevah…

… and apparently the only prescription is more Photoshop!!

A little over a year ago, I took a day-long photography workshop with my friend Bre Powers at Powerhouse Studios. I learned a lot – A LOT – and after the classroom portion was complete, we headed over to Brackenridge Park to take photos of the ducks.

And I took a lot of photos of the ducks.

Well, tonight as I was obsessively watching video tutorials checking out some things over at Kim Klassen’s Photoshop Test Kitchen, I came across an early video in which Kim suggested that we just play around with blend modes. The duck pictures popped into my head – I’d never really done anything with them – so I opened one up. Here’s the original:

I did what Kim suggested and started playing around – just “doodling” with textures and color fills. I love her textures, and had been dying to find something I could use her Canvas Grunge texture on – not precisely right for ducks and water, but what the heck, right?

And oh my gosh. I stayed away from the usual “soft light” blend mode and tried some other things… and here’s what I came up with:

I got so energized over this, I literally jumped up from the couch… I think my sweet husband thought I was out of my mind. I’m thinking about getting this printed, just to see what it looks like in “hard copy” – and I can’t wait to try even more experiments. Did I mention I have a lot of duck pictures??

That sound you hear is me giggling. With delight.

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  1. Holly Haggard
    Holly Haggard says:

    I love it! You are very talented and picking up some great techniques. I am so excited for you! Hey, if you run out of duck pics, just let me know, I ‘ll send you mine!

  2. Ansku
    Ansku says:

    I know JUST what you mean!!! I totally have the PS fever too. Which means staying up all night, being tired in the morning… but I’m just addicted, what can I say.
    LOVE the duck pic. It’s awesome. I have tons of snow pictures…

    • Francesca
      Francesca says:

      Ansku, thanks for the encouragement – and it’s good to know I’m not alone in my PS obsession!! What are you doing with all your snow pics? Should be perfect for texture experimentation!


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