I’m still here!

Such a busy couple of weeks – and this morning I realized I had written about none of it here. A brief update:

  1. We’ve officially decided to sell our house and start the process of downsizing. We love (love) this house, but it is too large and expensive for us to continue to maintain when we are living on Nick’s retirement income, which will hopefully be in a few years. So we’re having some work done and will be listing it in a few weeks. We’re looking at new (to us) houses in several areas around San Antonio, and trying to figure out where we’d like to be long-term. But for now, the priority is getting this house listed and sold – we figure God will help us with the next step when the right house comes along!
  2. After several years of wanting to participate, I finally signed up for Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party. I was thrilled to be partnered with someone whose work and online presence I already knew and really like, and I had a BLAST putting together a bead soup for her. I can’t wait to hear how (if) she liked it. The bead soup she sent me is just stunning – I am very excited about the possibilities it presents in terms of design, especially since some of the things she sent are things I’ve never worked with before. We’re planning complimentary blog posts later this week, with lots of photos, and I’ll tell you then who she is and how you can find her.
  3. I’m working on a set of jewelry for a friend’s wedding in April. It always makes me a little emotional to invest myself like this in something so personal, and I really, really hope she loves them as much as I am loving making them for her.
  4. I’ve been working with the worship team at our new church, doing a little coaching and background singing. This is such an amazing and talented group of people, and they have welcomed me with (seemingly) no reservations. The last two weeks of worship with them and the whole process of preparing for each service has been moving and satisfying. I am enjoying getting to know them all, and my personal times of prayer and preparation have been marked with a deep gratitude for each of them and their hearts for this ministry. Our new pastor and his wife are old friends, and the time I spend with them in planning and prayer each week is exciting.
  5. We’re preparing for a trip to the Dominican Republic later this year to visit my brother and his adorable little boy, who turns two in April. I haven’t even MET HIM YET, which just seems so wrong, but we’ve been Skyping and getting to know one another a little bit that way. I started out this particular Monday morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a Skype visit with little Marco, and then some time in scripture with a little All Sons and Daughters playing in the background. I can’t think of a better way to start a week.
  6. I have had some wonderful conversations with my daughter in the last few weeks – personal, real, and memorable. The road to a deeper relationship with her has been a hard one, with a lot of bumps and detours, but I think we are finally on a smoother path. There is a mutual trust and regard that didn’t exist to this degree a few years ago, and it creates an environment where real communication is possible. It makes my heart very, very glad.
  7. The Metal Retreat is nearly full! It seems incredible, but there are only two spots left – and we have a couple of people bunking together, so right now it looks like there will be 14 or 15 of us all told. I am so looking forward to an entire week of creative time with this wonderful group of people!!
  8. I had dinner last night with two of my Wired Designs friends and I loved the intense, wide-ranging conversation that we all dove into. It means so much to me that in spite of our many, many differences, we are able to talk about things that are important to us and come out the other side of those discussions with a non-judgmental respect and love for one another. I value these women so very, very much.
  9. A young man of our acquaintance recently committed his life to Christ, and it has been emotional and exciting to witness the things that fire him up. He says that Nick and I were part of bringing him to that place, which feels huge and is a reminder that the relationships we invest in every day have eternal consequences.
  10. My first ever component offering will be featured on Art Jewelry Elements as the February Component of the Month. Look for the post on Thursday – can’t wait to see what everyone did with it!

I am sure there’s more, but that’s what I’ve got at the moment. Busy. Productive. Intentional. (I’ve lost 15 pounds so far!!) Happy. How is your week starting off?


What do you mean it’s Monday??

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  1. Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith says:

    sounds like you are making good decisions and I love hearing how you and your husband are seeking the Lord for all your steps.
    Love hearing how God is continually drawing you nearer!

    and…. congratulations on your loss of 18 lbs !!!
    ? Tracy


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