I love my life…

My Tuesday in the studio was really wonderful – made some lovely things, learned some lovely things, tried some lovely (and not so lovely!) things, and came out of seclusion feeling like I’d taken huge leaps forward both in terms of how I think about what I’m doing and how I problem-solve. I’m particularly fond of the little bowl ring in the montage below – it required me to re-engineer a technique I’d seen Kate McKinnon teach for metal clay, but which didn’t translate well to actual metal sheet and wire. It took about three hours, but I figured out a solution which now requires only about five minutes to achieve when I’m in production mode. Way cool.

Fine silver and Argentium Silver Jewelry by Francesca Watson Designs

Off to the post office to mail out some items that people actually purchased (woot!) and run a few errands and then – what else? – STUDIO TIME!

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