Home again, home again, jiggity jig

It was a long trip, but it was absolutely, completely, and utterly worth it.

I spent a full week with these astonishing women – each one of them funny, creative, generous, and unique. We didn’t know one another before this retreat, but we left having laid the foundations for new, lifelong friendships. I don’t know when I last laughed as hard as I laughed last week, and everyone was beyond generous with what they knew and how they worked and the results were creatively life changing – I tried things I’d never tried before and succeeded at things I’d tried but never successfully completed. I taught, and learned, and watched, and listened – it was everything I could have hoped for. Of course, I had physical challenges to deal with; my fibromyalgia didn’t care that this week had been planned for and dreamt of for nearly a year, and so some of my time (more of my time than I was happy with) was spent resting, but everyone was lovely and loving about it and I never felt judged or that people were impatient with me for my limitations.

As if all of that wasn’t glorious and wonderful enough, I arrived home after a grueling four-day drive to find that my husband and some dear friends renovated our kitchen while I was gone. As a surprise. Sort of like our own version of Extreme Home Makeover.

I’ll share more (including a kitchen “before” photo, if I can find one) but first I’m taking a couple of days to recover – I’m deeply grateful for my best friend Kimmy, who shared the driving and helped me on my especially bad days, but I’d be grateful for prayers for my troublesome feet, which have been swollen since we arrived in Trout Lake and have stubbornly refused to stay unswollen for any longer than a few hours at a time. While I’m keeping them elevated, there are photos to edit and e-mails to answer and plans to update and laundry to do – quiet, normal, at-home stuff. I’ll be back soon!

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  1. Mary Govaars
    Mary Govaars says:

    I feel equally blessed to have met you Francesca, you are an amazing woman. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome and capable. I also have never laughed so hard and bonded so quickly with a group of women. I can’t the future without all of you in my life. Thank You for organizing this trip. It was something I have needed for a long time.

  2. Linda Landig
    Linda Landig says:

    It was an amazing weekend and I’m so grateful that I got to share in at least part of it. It was awesome to meet you and just soak up the whole experience of laughter, sharing, creativity and goodwill. Thanks!

  3. Kristi
    Kristi says:

    It really couldn’t have been any more awesome!!! I think almost every one of us had our little health challenges so we all totally understood. I know I snuck off on more than one occasion for a little nap. Thanks so much for putting it all together, it was a genuine pleasure to meet you and all the other amazingly talented and awesome new friends. Can’t wait for next year. You rock my friend!!!


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