February Component of the Month REVEAL!

If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I am very fortunate to be part of a group of writers and jewelry artists who collaborate on a blog called Art Jewelry Elements. Every month, one of us makes components available to the others as well as to some of our readers via a random giveaway. At the end of that month, everyone writes a post about the component they received and what they made with it.

Well, for the first time, February was my turn to create the component for everyone. I was surprisingly nervous about it – components haven’t been my thing, at least not in the sense that I have offered them by themselves to other artists, and it felt a little bit like sending a little piece of myself out into the world. (My AJE reveal post is here.) These are the components I offered – everyone who participated got one, the color randomly chosen as I packed them up for mailing:


So before you head over to the other blogs to see what everyone made, take a look at what I came up with:


I found some terrific vintage copper “S” stampings online at my friend Heather’s Etsy shop back before Christmas, and I used them to make a bunch of oversized focals for the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop that Lorelei Eurto organized. (I missed the last half of it because I got the flu, remember?) I had a couple left over, and the green of this little green disc coordinated almost perfectly with the mottled green on the larger piece. I connected them with a simple balled-end link.



I initially thought it might look good with some chain, but in the end, the greenish tone of some new brass beads, the warmth of a few copper rounds, and some green and bronze freshwater pearls seemed like a better fit. I’m not entirely sure I love how the two enameled pieces work together, but I’m leaving it out on my workbench for a couple of days and we’ll see if it grows on me.

NOW: head on over to these fine folks and see what they did with a similar component. Ready? Set? GO! (And don’t forget to leave them a little comment love – tell ’em I sent you, OK?)

Participating AJE Contributors

Kristi Bowman-Gruel

Jenny Cameron

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Susan Kennedy

Linda Landig

Melissa Meman

Kristen Stevens

Francesca Watson <– YOU ARE HERE 

Guest Designers

Dawn Horner – http://www.northernadornments.com/blog

Kym Hunter – http://kymhunterdesigns.blogspot.com/

Kay Thomerson – http://kayzkreationz.blogspot.com/

Shelley Graham Turner – http://www.shelleygrahamturner.blogspot.com/

Sandi Volpe – http://sandivolpe.com/

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  1. Kristi
    Kristi says:

    Oh my Francesca, that is PERFECTION!! I love your COM component paired with your amazing 12 days of Christmas component!! Your choice to go with the little beads rather than chain was the right one in my opinion. FAB!!!

  2. Shirley Moore
    Shirley Moore says:

    Tell ya what…send it to me, and I’ll wear it while you’re deciding whether you like it or not! Cause I’m just having a love affair with it! The beads you chose, along with that great S, and then your disc, create such a stunning design! Way to go woman!

  3. Melissa M
    Melissa M says:

    Francesca, this is gorgeous! Thank you for creating such beautiful components for us to work with! I love my pink one, but coveted each and every other one I saw! You must make more!

  4. Susan Kennedy
    Susan Kennedy says:

    Francesca, I love what you did with your necklace. Yes, the way you went was great and better than chain, really shows off your piece! Thanks so much for giving us the disc to work with, it was a lot of fun.

  5. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Oh I like it! I like the colors – related but different. I like the fluid shape. I love the pearls with it… I almost went pearls myself because the colors were so rich together… And I considered enameling other bits to go with it! Great minds – eh?

  6. Cindie
    Cindie says:

    Love, Love it! I think it is balanced and I really like how the choice of beads added warmth and texture to the design. I think choosing that over the chain was just the right touch! All your designs are just amazing!

  7. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Francesca, that piece is fab-u-lous!!! And the beaded chain combo gives it just the right textured look to set off the focal point. Don’t separate those pieces now that they’ve met!!

  8. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Oh, my, Francesca – this is such an amazing piece! Beautifully done, I love those colours so much – the choice of beads over chain was, indeed, the right one.


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