I had one of those rare, revelatory experiences in the studio last night, where an idea came to me – fully formed – and I executed it pretty much as I envisioned it. Those are God moments for me – the act of creating is part of how we are made in his image, the first Creator, and I feel so close to him when I’m in that groove.

I was so excited that I tried it again, and was just as pleased with the result. But by then it was 3:00 a.m., and I could hardly keep my eyes open. So I went to bed and dreamed about it instead, and got right up this morning, excited to head up to the studio. I know I’m being a big tease, but you’ll have to wait for photos until the pieces are finished. In the meantime, I’m feeling as if I’ve been given a great gift and I’m more focused than I’ve been in weeks.

Wonder by Francesca Watson Designs

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