Dusting off the cobwebs

Well. When I said I was “making space” I honestly didn’t intend to disappear for three months. I suppose there’s no really good way to cover the lapse, except to say that opening a business – even when it’s with good friends and the full support of one’s family – is not for the faint of heart. I’m not sure I’ve ever worked this hard in my life.

We’ve gone from this…


… to this.

We have six weeks’ worth of classes under our belts, and we’re having a blast.

And Gail and I are getting ready to host our first major Roadhouse Event next week – a Jewelry Retreat in the Texas Hill Country at the gorgeous Sage Hill Inn.

It’s going to be a week with old friends and new ones, and it is completely full, which is both humbling and a little scary.

So life is very full, and very good, and I’m sorry I’ve been away. I’ve missed the writing, and as I was typing this post I realized that the photos up above don’t bear any resemblance to the work I’m doing (they’re TWO YEARS OLD, for heaven’s sake!!) so this website is long past due for an overhaul. I’ll get to it and I’ll check in more often. In the meantime, visit the Roadhouse website and see what we’re up to. We have some very exciting announcements coming about guest instructors in the next few weeks and months, and our summer and fall class schedule will be coming out shortly. Lots and lots going on…

Hope all has been well in your corner of the world these last three months! More soon!

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  1. Diane
    Diane says:

    How wonderful! I figured it was something like this that kept you away – all sorts of hard work that is rewarding beyond anything you ever expected. The space looks awesome, and all the students look enthralled (always a good thing!).


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