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What a whirlwind week! And I am going to have some big news next week… two pieces of big news, in fact. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!

But. We’ll just have to wait until Monday.

In the meantime, I have been working hard on several new designs, including this bracelet (of which I am just a little bit proud):

Studded Argentium Bracelet by Francesca Watson Designs
Yeah, I love this one a lot. I’ve hardly taken it off since I made the prototype – it wears easily and feels so lovely on. Just the right amount of weight. For the first time, I put something in the shop as a “made to order” item. Each bracelet takes nearly a full ounce of silver and eight hours to fabricate, and I can’t see just making up a bunch of them to have around. Also, because it’s such a special piece, I wanted the measurements of the person who would be wearing it so I could make it just right. It’s the kind of piece that feels – to me – like it should be personal.

I also finished a piece that was donated to my church, River City Community Church, in honor of their big grand opening celebration this past weekend. I know I’ve raved about my church before – it’s been a huge blessing in our lives, and is an extraordinary example of real, sustained, Christ-with-skin-on community. We bought a huge piece of property last year and moved in just before Easter. (There’s a whole amazing God-thing story there, which you can read about here.) We didn’t have the official grand opening until this past Sunday, when we invited the whole community to come check us out, and tt was my great privilege to donate a very personal piece of jewelry to be given away to one of the hundreds of special guests we welcomed. Each component, including the glass cabochon, was handmade by me. There is literally nothing on this piece that I didn’t fabricate myself, including every link in the chain. It made me happier than just about any piece I’ve ever made.

River City Donation Piece by Francesca Watson Designs
In addition to feeling really good about how those two designs turned out, I had two full days to hang out in the studio with my best friend Kimmy this week, which was an extraordinary blessing – she and I are both so busy that joint studio time is (unfortunately) a rare treat. We worked on polishing some rusty skills (for me, soldering; for her, fusing) and I have a table full of projects I’m working on, all of which please me a great deal, and then there’s… well, the big news next week. Which will keep me plenty busy. (So exciting.)

In the meantime, if you haven’t “liked” the Francesca Watson Designs FaceBook page, will you go “like” it now? And if you haven’t checked out the Etsy shop, and all the things I’ve been adding this week, will you go take a look at those too? Here’s the thing: I don’t understand how it all works, but Etsy has some complicated, super-secret algorithm that determines when items show up in a shopper’s search results. I honestly have not wasted a ton of brain power on trying to figure this out (yet) but I do know that the number of times a shop and/or a particular item in that shop is viewed and “favorited” (similar to Facebook’s “like” feature) factors in there somewhere. If you have an Etsy account, please “favorite” the shop and every item you see, and come back periodically and click around to boost the number of times things are viewed. If you don’t have an Etsy account, please just visit occasionally and view the items in the shop – every little bit helps.

Did I mention I’m going to have some big news on Monday? Mwahahahahaha!

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  1. Lanelle
    Lanelle says:

    What a great website by a most creative and passionate woman. For those who don’t know Francesca, she is a unique creation made by God, and she lovingly expresses herself through the talents she’s been given by her Creator. Blessings to you, my friend!!

  2. Baba
    Baba says:

    Hi Francesca, Thank you for the amazing earrings that you put in our goodie bag from Andrew Thornton”s weekend at Allegory. Everyone was oohing and ahhing! They are beautiful!

    • Francesca
      Francesca says:

      Baba, how exciting to hear from you! I can’t tell you what it means to know that you liked the earrings – I had so much fun making them. If you can, send me a photo of yourself wearing them – I’d love to post it here! 🙂

      Blessings –



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