Better late than never!

Today is the August Component of the Month reveal over at Art Jewelry Elements, and I had a post due this morning. I should have a “better late than never” tag for when I’m this tardy, but I don’t want to encourage myself… so instead I offer up a heartfelt apology to my blog-partner Melissa Meman (this month’s COM hostess) for nearly missing the party.

I’d have been particularly upset to miss this one because the “Molten Morsel” Melissa sent me is so beautiful! I spent some time considering how I was going to set it up to be worn, because the Morsels are undrilled and unmounted.

Melissa Meman Molten Morsels

Melissa’s “Molten Morsels”

The one I got is the beautiful sunflower square in the upper right. At first I thought I was going to prong set it, but the more I looked at it, the more I felt drawn to doing something a little more “hippy” and earthy. I don’t know if it’s the warm brass of the sunflower, but I couldn’t stop thinking about a spool of sueded leather in my stash, so that’s what I pulled out. But first, I drilled a hole and set an eyelet in the corner so that I could string it on the diagonal.

Sorry for the horrible “bench top” photo!

I had in mind something that felt like I had brought it forward from my childhood and added things over time. The leather cord could be from a jacket I had in my teens, and the blues in the large hole bead made me think of my favorite college jeans – a color that is mimicked in the tube beads further up the cord. Then I dug through my “leftovers” bin for wired components and remnants of silver chain to hang them from. The piece has tons of movement and the overall feel is a little retro – I’m looking forward to wearing it next week at Metal Retreat!

Thanks for an awesome component, Melissa! I am loving this piece!

To see what everyone else made, head on over to AJE and check out the links.

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  1. Perri Jackson
    Perri Jackson says:

    This is so sweet and everyday fresh looking, Francesca! These little Morsels were a joy to work with – I love your piece. 🙂

  2. Melissa Meman
    Melissa Meman says:

    Francesca, I love what you have done here! The diagonal, the leather, the blue…everything! Thank you so much for participating and creating something gorgeous with my component!!!


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