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Where does the time go?

This poor blog. So much has been going on this year that it has been sadly neglected. We did a mid-year check-in over on the Art Jewelry Elements blog not long ago, and while I’ve made some progress on the things I’d hoped to accomplish (see here and here), there are things I really want to […]

Where I’ll Be…

It’s March already and time is just whizzing by. Lots of updates and photos and information coming, but in the meantime, I’ve added a link up above to a page with my teaching information. I’d love to have you come to Roadhouse for a play date, but I’m also going to be on the road […]

Slow death

I had several really fun posts planned for this week, including the promised announcements about on-the-road teaching gigs… but then I got hacked and my laptop had to be reformatted and I had a kind of mini-meltdown and pity party for myself. In the middle of weeping and feeling sorry for myself and utterly overwhelmed, I […]

It’s going to the birds!

When we first moved into our new house, I bought two hummingbird feeders for the back porch. I had grand plans for sitting at the kitchen table and watching them while I had my morning coffee. Unfortunately, I learned it was too close to their migration time to make it worthwhile to put them up, […]