At last!

My focus continues to be all studio, all the time. (I’m really so grateful for a husband who understands this phase I’m in, and supports me so unconditionally.) And since my supplies finally arrived yesterday, I have been madly working on several pieces that came to me over the weekend but for which I had to wait for new materials.

While I was waiting for the UPS guy, I worked on a couple of pieces with things I had around – and actually came up with something suitable for my Etsy shop. My goal is to make and list two new pieces each day – this necklace was intended to be one of those two pieces for yesterday, but because I broke the sodalite cab I intended to use when I was setting it, I had to get creative with this dino bone cab which was approximately the same size.

Dinosaur Bone and Copper Necklace by Francesca Watson Designs
Unfortunately, getting “creative” means I can’t sell it – my standards are getting higher by the day, and I just don’t think this reflects my best work. So, I’ll happily add it to my personal collection and move on.

These earrings, on the other hand, turned out quite well, I think. I’m getting much, much better at the silver fusing, and these rough-cut aquamarine rondelles were the perfect size to compliment these hoops.

Fine Silver Hoops with Aquamarine Dangles by Francesca Watson Designs
Simple, swingy, summery. And at LAST, I feel like these are good enough for the shop, so they’ll be going in tomorrow – I need some more photos and to update a few things. That will be a task for the morning, while I sip some coffee.

In the meantime, I’m working on two other shop-worthy pieces which are nearly finished. I am so excited about them!! Hopefully I won’t screw them up and they can go in the shop tomorrow too. And I’m walking through the process of becoming a certified Jewelry Instructor for Michael’s – it’s a surprisingly lengthy and detailed exercise, and requires online training which I’ve been chipping away at since Monday. I don’t think I’d make any significant money doing it, but a little extra cash is always nice and I love, love, love the idea of teaching women – I had a blast when I offered a jewelry activity group here at the house as part of our church’s activity group ministry.

Oh, and it’s been over 100 degrees here every day for the last four days. I’ve been quite content to be in the pool or inside my nice cool studio in my shorts and tank top. I don’t think I’ve put on makeup since Sunday – and I’ve just been washing my hair and then rolling it into a twist with a clip to get it out of the way. It’s the new look that’s all the rage: Distracted, by Ralph Lauren.* You heard it here first.

*not really

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