Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month REVEAL!

Every month, the team over at Art Jewelry Elements does a very cool giveaway. Three lucky winners receive a special, handmade component from one of the team members and if we’re able, the rest of the AJE team members get to play along too.

For April, the very awesome Lesley Watt of THEA Jewellery offered us these gorgeous buttons.


As usual, I completely forgot to take a photo of the component all by itself. Duh. She sent me that gorgeous reddish brown celtic button in the lower center… and I knew immediately that I wanted to do a beaded cuff.


I started off making a modified square stitch cuff in a pretty cream color with two sizes of accent beads at the “intersections.” And I actually really liked how it was coming along. The problem was, I had a cuff that I’d made last year that kept distracting me.

“Francesca….” it whispered. “Use the button for meeeee…..”

I’d worn that cuff a lot, until I broke off the clasp one day and tossed it into a tray to be repaired. Later. Much later. Apparently.

“What could it hurt to just look?” I thought.


Who was I kidding? It was perfect. I loved the color with the green and the opalized Czech glass beads running down the center have almost exactly that color of deep rusty orange in the flash.


I’ve worn this for the last couple of days, and it’s made me very happy. The beadwork is supple and slinky, like fabric, and this beautiful button gives it heft.


I think I’ll wind up finishing the cream cuff, just because the colors are so great for summer, and I might have to head over to Lesley’s online shop for another button to go with it. But this one is spoken for.

Want to see what everyone else did with their buttons?

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Leah Curtis
Perri Jackson
AJE Team
Lesley Watt
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Caroline Dewison
Rebekah Payne
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Jen Cameron
Diana Ptaszynski
Kristen Stevens
Francesca Watson <— YOU ARE HERE!
Melissa Meman
Linda Landig
Sue Kennedy

17 replies
  1. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    I have total admiration for your beadwork Francesca, it’s beautiful. I love the stitch you’ve used, I haven’t seen that before. And I agree that you made the right decision, they’re a perfect match!

  2. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    Girl, did you hear me squeal?? Love, love, love!!
    I’ve not seen that type of modified square stitch. You’re right, the button totally works for the other bracelet, which is also on my squeal list! It is such a joy to see what you create!

  3. Keirsten
    Keirsten says:

    Ooh, DEFINITELY meant to be with the green!! This is GORGEOUS. It actually makes me want to do beaded cuffs (although I imagine I would have about as much success with that as I did with knitting–“What IS that?”) Somehow the Celtic-style button lends its feeling to the cuff, the whole thing feels very Emerald Isle to me!


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