Another quiet day…

I’ve had a tough time shaking this bronchitis. I’m three rounds of antibiotics in and finally hopeful that I’m coming out the other side of it – but I spent the whole weekend in the house, nesting and giving myself permission to do nothing but sleep and rest. I even skipped church this morning, because my coughing was so bad – my allergies to mountain cedar have officially made it hard for me to bounce back this time of year. I can’t wait for March!

So I worked on some things this weekend that didn’t require me to do anything but sit or lie on the couch. I finished this netted collar that I’ve been working on for a while – new technique for me, and there’s a lot I would do differently. Great learning experience! (And sorry about the photo quality – I took it with my phone.)


Finished netted collar - my first using this technique. A million things I'd do differently next time. :-)

And I worked on some more Photoshop projects for the Beyond Layers class. The first assignment was to create a storyboard – all the photos are from a weekend in west Texas with our daughter.


My Girl

This is one of those same photos, only this time it was an exercise in working with frames and multiple texture layers.



And this one is another of the Brackenridge photos from last year, this time of a white crane instead of ducks. It’s the same basic technique as the Still Waters piece with the ducks, but uses completely different textures. I’m very happy with it, especially the message – it’s so important to remember how big and how wonderful God is, and easy to forget when life is busy or complicated.



So, although it’s been quiet, and I’ve missed seeing my friends and being part of the goings-on at church, it was the right call to stay home and rest. I’ve exercised my creative muscles a bit, and caught up on some much needed sleep, and as long as I’ve been still I haven’t coughed badly enough to give myself the raging headache I had yesterday. Tomorrow (health permitting): fresh chowder (yum!) and dog baths (not so yum, but boy do they need it).

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