Another Monday

Office supplies

I just went in for file folders…

It’s official: I can’t be trusted in office supply stores. I have a thing for pens and boxes, and that little silver file crate just jumped into the cart when I went down that aisle, so what was I supposed to do?

I am patting myself on the back for not forgetting the file folders altogether.

Our Easter celebration was quiet and just what I needed. After two church services in the morning, we (somewhat selfishly) chose an afternoon and evening at home over spending time with friends – it’s been a hectic few months and the last several weeks in particular have been challenging. A simple lunch, a nap, and an evening on the couch was the right choice. I should have packed a few boxes or done some laundry, but I didn’t do either. The downtime did me good.

Today is all about clearing up the pile of paperwork on my desk and placing some supplies orders for my next few classes. Not the most fun stuff in the world, but necessary. I did manage to get my first tutorial written for the B’Sue Boutiques Design Team page – like many things, I made it way harder on myself than I needed to but I’m happy with how it turned out. You can check it out here – and it’s free!

What are you up to this beautiful Monday morning?

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  1. Diane
    Diane says:

    Vacation this week, started last Thurs, actually. Today is a “stay home, sleep in and (eventually) do some cleaning” day. I’m about to take a nap, I think.

    I did get some errands done, and a bit of fun sewing I’ll share on the blog later. Did graphics for both Easter services, and spent the rest of the day at a friends just eating, playing cards and repeating the same. I know what you mean about sometimes needing a slower holiday.

    You and I could do some serious damage in an office supplies. I love pens of all shapes and sizes, folders, baskets, clippy things…I’m almost as bad in a hardware store, only because the variety of stuff fascinates me.

  2. Francesca
    Francesca says:

    Oh my gosh, Diane, don’t even get me started on hardware stores! Glad you’re getting some vacation time this week, and that you’re spending some time resting instead of trying to jam a bunch of stuff into the week. (What is this “cleaning” of which you speak?)


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