And then this happened…

Francesca Watson Designs

I shared this with a friend over lunch. And I’m not sorry.


But first, I was very, very responsible and finished picking out the paint palette for the hall bathrooms, which I hope will be done this week. (To be clear: the hold up has been me. To say that I am unmotivated would be an understatement.) I went with my friend Bre up to a little place called Shoppe in Boerne, Texas to check out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors for the bathroom cabinets. (Shoppe is absolutely WONDERFUL. I could have spent a small fortune in there.) Fell in love with a paint color called French Linen – ooh la la! – and threw in a little Emperor’s Silk and Country Grey for a small table I have been wanting to paint for a church project. Now that the color of the sink cabinet has been finalized, I can confirm that my Pantone color swatch books have served up a little Silver Birch with a touch of Snow White to round out the rooms.

Then Bre treated me to lunch (seriously good) at the Bear Moon Cafe, where we had a really wonderful caesar salad and a slice of veggie quiche. When we’d finished, we read each other’s minds and started thinking about something from the bakery case we’d seen coming in. At that moment, the waitress came over and suggested the dessert pictured above. Chocolate cake, two huge dollops of a creamy, thick mocha caramel, and the whole thing dipped in thick, crisp chocolate.

Yup, that just happened. We split it, but still….

I’m not sorry. It was soooo good. (And so was the coffee.)

Then I spent a few hours over at Wired Designs, working on getting my very first ever functional glass pieces (a bowl and a plate) ready for the kiln. This meant shaping them on a big disc grinder and sand-blasting them in this big mamma-jamma.

Sand Blaster on Francesca Watson Designs

All I could think of were those old movies where deadly viruses escape from the lab and kill everyone.

My poor little bowl looked a little anxious in there, don’t you think?

Sand Blasting on Francesca Watson Designs

No viruses escaped. Humanity will survive at least a while longer.

Then they were cleaned and popped into their molds in the big oval kiln, and we tucked them in for a little slumping overnight. When I go in to teach my class tonight, these flat pieces of glass will be matte finished serving pieces – a bowl and a plate – ready for my table. I am so excited.

Glass Fusing on Francesca Watson Designs

Oh! And I wrote a tutorial post for Art Jewelry Elements yesterday – it’s all about how to get that deep chestnut brown patina on copper that I love so much. Check it out, along with some other fold-formed pieces I made.

Fold Forming on Francesca Watson Designs

I also spent some time on the glass saw and have a bag of 30 or more glass cabochons to clean and fire polish before loading them into my new shop. (Shhhhhh! It’s a surprise!) That’ll take some time to finish up.

Today, I get to spend the day with my best friend Kimmy working on a project – time with her is always something I look forward to. Thursday is studio time (finishing up my bead soup pieces!) and time with my friends on the worship team, and Friday is a church project that’s a combination of ministering to someone who is serving in a tough area and exercising 25 years of experience for the work of the church. Win-win. I’ll end the day meeting with someone who wants to share with me what God is doing in his life, followed by dinner with friends.

I may even take a shot at a swim in the pool.

So my week is shaping up to be stellar. As in “awesome.” As in “blessed beyond anything I deserve.”

How about you?

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  1. diane
    diane says:

    The bowl and platter are gorgeous now – can’t wait to see them formed!

    Quietish week. Trying to do the cleaning in the evenings, so I can spend the weekend in the sewing studio. I missed a class last month, so I’ve some catching up to do before next Tuesday. I *think* some dear and very talented friends have chosen my church as their new church home…hoping to confirm that this Sunday. I’m on the media team, and a new recruit is shadowing this week. Should be fun!

    • Francesca
      Francesca says:

      I can’t wait to see them either, Diane – they’re my first!

      Your week sounds lovely – that process of mentoring new recruits is one of my favorite things too! Hope you get that weekend in the sewing studio you’re wanting!

  2. Juli Dickson
    Juli Dickson says:

    Your writing and adventures always enchant me! Mostly you continue to stir my heart! I am touched by your continued excitement for your life (all of it). Love you lots and miss you more!


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