Have had the most wonderful weekend in the studio. I had a lot of rather mundane stuff to take care of – monitor calibration, component production, cleaning, etc. – but I also got to actually design and make several pieces. The newest one went up in the shop this afternoon and I love it so much I had a hard time posting it. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done recently, and I am especially delighted with how the chain turned out.

Handmade headpins, double wrapped pearls, and Hessian garnets wired into the chain. Love, love, love it.  But it’s not my style – perhaps if I weighed less and could wear the clothes that my secret inner self adores, this would look wonderful on me. Alas… so instead, I prayed over it and enjoyed photographing it, and am sending it out into the world for someone else to love. (Yes, I feel this way about a lot of my pieces. It’s a sickness.)

There’s something so special and precious about being immersed in this kind of creative activity – focused, no interruptions, in a space I really love and with pieces just leaping off my fingers – that I find myself filled to overflowing with gratitude. I spend a lot of time thinking about the people who will wear this jewelry, and praying for whatever needs might be part of their lives right now. This time is deeply meditative and healing, and I feel God’s presence in it quite keenly. I needed that.

Now, I’m getting ready to assemble a series of earrings that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while: fused fine silver rings in two sizes and sterling silver earwires dressed up with gemstone dangles. All the main components are lined up and ready to go, so the mechanics are out of the way. Next is the fun part – picking through sparkling gems and deciding which to use.


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