Desk drawerToday is all about getting caught up with the business side of being an artist. I have a tray full of finished pieces that need to be photographed, inventoried, and listed. And I have a big bag full of lovely new beads and chain from my birthday trip to a bead show this past weekend – my rule is that I am not allowed to use new purchases or even take them up to my studio until they’ve been logged into my inventory system. I have NO INTENTION of doing it all on April 14 as I’m scrambling to get my taxes done.

So I’m digging in and getting the business stuff out of the way so I can go back to work on the several sweet little pendants and rings I started yesterday. Fused Argentium silver. Torch work. Yum. Getting back to it will be my reward for being a good, responsible grown-up.

Messy drawer photo courtesy of Lizzie’s Life on Flickr.

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