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This week is turning out to be very busy – starting with the fact that Nick wound up not taking a business trip he was supposed to take, so we threw all plans out the window and spent three full days over the weekend just playing, and going to the movies, and window-shopping (and doing some actual shopping), and just generally hanging out and turning his birthday into a three-day extravaganza. Now that we’re back to real life, we have some catching up to do! So, here’s a quick list of some random things until I can stitch together a little more computer time.

  1. We saw two movies in an actual movie theatre this weekend. We don’t do that as much as we might like to, in part because it gets expensive and in part because – frankly – some of the more popular movies are not very good. But we saw the new James Bond installment, Skyfall, and Ben Affleck’s Argo. Both were excellent – Skyfall was funny and serious and had all the stunts and action one expects from a Bond film, plus the best villain in a long, long time. Javier Bardem’s hair almost stole the show, again. He’s just such a brilliant actor. And Argo was amazing because it’s largely true – being married to a man whose whole career has been service to his country, I got a little emotional over this one, to be honest. There are heros all around us, folks – we just don’t always know about them.
  2. I listed a bunch of new stuff in the shop yesterday, with more to come. And my flexshaft and enameling set arrived yesterday, so I’ll be getting busy on some new designs this week. So excited!!
  3. My teaching schedule at Wired Designs has been finalized for next year – I’ll be updating this site soon to include those dates in case you’re interested in taking a class with me.
  4. Tomorrow is the big reveal day for the Prong Challenge over at Artisan Whimsy – I’ll have a complete round-up of participants here tomorrow with links, and I cannot wait to see what everyone came up with. I got a sneak peek at Staci Smith’s contribution yesterday, and wow wow wow.

So that’s what’s going on here – more listings going into the shop at the end of the week. Hope you all have a terrific day!

These fun earrings – with genuine amethysts – went into the shop yesterday!

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  1. Jean A. Wells
    Jean A. Wells says:

    I can already see that you have created a beautiful pendant. Wow, all the detail. It is gorgeous. You have obviously done this before – it shows in the quality and detail of this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and some beautiful and thoughtfully creative work came from it. Great job!



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