A List (in no particular order)

1.  The bad news: I went totally off the food lifestyle reservation during the 10 days I was having that horrible fibro flare… and then a few days longer than that. The effects of that bad food on my system were immediately noticeable… and I didn’t care. Food = comfort, sometimes, and while I’m fighting that particular battle in the larger sense (thank God for his grace), I was just simply too exhausted – mentally and physically – to keep it up. The good news: I’m back on track and only up four pounds, which seems manageable. I logged every single thing I stuck in my face yesterday and came in under my calorie budget.

2.  I had a terrific class with three lovely women on Saturday – fine silver and argentium fusing. I love teaching so much!! They had a lot of fun and made some cool things.

Fine Silver and Argentium Fusing - Wired Designs 2013

Fused Argentium Rings

Fine Silver and Argentium Fusing - Wired Designs 2013

Fused Fine Silver Earrings; Fused Argentium Ring

Fused Fine Silver and Argentium - Wired Designs 2013

Fused fine silver earrings

3.  The third reveal of this year’s Bead Soup Blog Party (which is the reveal I’m in) has been postponed again. I feel so bad for Lori Anderson, our hostess – she’s not well and fighting some real pain. If you are so inclined, please join me in lifting her up in prayer. (Check back here on Saturday, April 27th for the reveal and links to the other participants.)

4. I am speechless – in an exhausted, numb sort of way – over the devastation in Boston on Monday. My heart goes out to the entire city, to the families of those lost, and to those who will be recovering for weeks and months. And I am profoundly irritated – in an “I’m just that not into you” sort of way – with the entire profession of journalism. What used to be a respected and vital role in a free society has become cheap and tawdry and sensationalist, and I’m totally over it. I get most of my news from the InterWebz these days anyway – this just clinches the deal.

5.  I made a commitment, as part of a sermon series we’re doing at church, to “behave on social media.” Ten days into it, and I’m starting to parse the definition of “behave.” (And ask questions of myself such as, “Does my own blog count as ‘social media’? Is there a time limit on this? What if someone is just factually incorrect – can I be snarky and superior then?”) I am beginning to fear that this is not going to end well.

6.  My hall bathrooms are still torn up. More wall texturing will be done tomorrow, and then I can paint next week. I hate this.

7.  After the hall bathrooms comes the kitchen, and then a repair in the master bath. I suspect I will hate those also.

8.  I got our taxes filed and paid the small amount we owed. On time. Woot.

9.  I actually had some non-project time in the studio this week, and made some things that pleased me.

Fold-Forming and Reticulation

Fold formed copper pendants (left and right); reticulated silver pendant (center)

10.  I also made some things that didn’t please me. No photos.

11.  The Metal Retreat is only 4-1/2 months away, which doesn’t seem possible. I am very excited. And also a little freaked out. But excited.

12.  I’m taking a class with Richard Salley in the fall. It’s already paid in full and on my calendar in big red letters. I am a fan. I am hoping that I don’t blubber and babble like I did when I met tenor David Phelps. (I still cringe when I think about it.)

13.  I had an idea for glass cabochons a while back, and I’ve been experimenting. I bought 12-1/2 pounds of scrap glass yesterday to experiment some more. Nothing I’m happy to share just yet, but close. Very, very close.

14.  We had an amazing service in church on Sunday – one of those times of worship that went pretty much like I’d hoped, where people engaged and spirits were lifted and we really entered into an intimate place with God. Stupendous sermon by our pastor – plain speaking, which I much prefer over “Christian-speak.” Challenging stuff. Good stuff. Meat and potatoes with gravy.

15.  I think I’ve decided to kick Etsy to the curb. Too much drama, and too many cliques. I’m not 100% sure yet that I won’t keep some kind of presence over there, but at the moment it looks like I’m going to go with Zibbet. (If you have a non-Etsy recommendation, let me know!)

16.  My life is good and I would be a complete idiot to complain.


Do you have a list this week?


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  1. sandi m
    sandi m says:

    You will LOVE Richard Salley. I was fortunate to take his impressions class last year in Wisconsin. He’s a cool, calm, easy going teacher. And you learn bunches. You will not be sorry!


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