A few new things…

I’m still working on the glass stuff, with great interest. Nick and I did a test firing earlier in the week, filled with a few things we each put together as experiments. The kiln worked like a champ… but the pieces weren’t what we envisioned. So much to learn!

I have a few new pieces in the shop and a few more coming.

Yellow Bead Post Ring by Francesca Watson Designs

Feather Earrings with Carnelian by Francesca Watson Designs

Oblong Hoops with Garnet by Francesca Watson Designs

And it’s been a busy week so far, with meetings and luncheons and some work being done around here. The studio shelves go in tomorrow (huzzah!) so I’m scrambling to get things temporarily out of the way so the guys will have room to work.

Life is full. And good. I’m grateful!

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