A bird in the hand…

There are birds nesting in the bushes outside my office window. Rocky could care less about the birds. But he cares very much about the feral cat that comes up the walk from time to time to check and see if there are any tasty bird-snacks available.

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Rocky on cat watch duty.

I’m not sure how he knows that cat is out there. It’s silent and potentially deadly, though thankfully no little bird lives have been lost. (Yet. That I know of.) But Rocky knows instantly when he needs to jump up in this chair and stand guard. And if that cat dares to start up the walk, he runs stealthily around to the front door and waits until it is as close to the sidelights as he thinks it’s going to get, and then he starts barking hysterically. The cat always (always) jumps a foot and runs away.

Sometimes I think I can hear Rocky laughing.

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