3… 2… 1… (Metal Retreat Roadtrip Day 4)

Less than 24 hours from now, I’ll be enjoying the company of 13  spectacularly creative and talented women in gorgeous Washington state. There may be wine involved. There will definitely be metal, hammers, fire, and assorted metal-working equipment involved. “Excited” doesn’t cover it…

“Tired” doesn’t cover it, either. We had a wonderful day-long break in Draper, Utah with Melissa – she and her family were unbelievably gracious and hospitable in opening their home to us, and Kimmy and I had fun exploring her amazing studio.

And she has the cutest kids.

Tonight, we’re  bunked down in Boise, Idaho  just seven short hours from the retreat site in Trout Lake. Apart from an unpleasant scene at a TGI Friday’s tonight where we went for dinner, it’s been a mostly good day. (Parents: ignoring your child’s temper tantrum at home is one thing. I am hugely sympathetic to parents with small kids, having had one once myself, but allowing your 18 month old to flail and scream at ear-splitting levels for minutes at a time in a public place is just plain rude.) I had a fibro flare start up late last night and I’m struggling with that a bit, but I’m managing. It’s enormously helpful to be traveling with Kimmy, who is a fellow chronic pain sufferer and completely understands and is sympathetic to my limitations.

It hasn’t hurt that the scenery has been – again – simply gorgeous.

Although we did find this very odd statue in Meridian, Idaho.

It was front and center in the yard of a very cute bungalow that was for sale. I had a little giggle imagining the conversation between the current owners and the realtor about THAT specialty item.

This trip is going to go down as a milestone in my personal life story – the last time I took a cross-country trip was more than 20 years ago with Nick, and my heart and my spirit experience things differently now than they did then. I am already turning over plans in my mind for the trip Nick and I could take together next year – north Texas up to Albuquerque and around to Santa Fe, perhaps. The landscapes are so moving to me, and I want to see them in all their iterations: in the morning, when the sun is low and everything is cool and just waking up; in the evening, as the sun sets and golden light paints everything with its most dramatic tints. Among other things, this trip is reawakening my passion for photography and coupled with the recent print-making class I took with Gail at Wired Designs, I am imagining some mixed media pieces that have my brain humming.

Life is good. Life is so good. And as good as this trip has been so far, I cannot imagine what this next week is going to be. Wheeeeeeee!

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  1. Debbie Low
    Debbie Low says:

    Enjoy…I am. I’m having fun reading your posts…it’s almost like being there.
    Can’t wait to see what the retreat brings.
    Have fun and try to rest.
    Love ya

  2. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    So enjoy your writings and photography. Look forward to what’s next for you and Kimmey. With your abundance of creative juices, I can see book somewhere down the line …
    Love, Sher


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